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How to change blades on your Philips Norelco SensoTouch

Has your shave gone dull? Are you trying to figure out how to replace the blades on your SensoTouch? Are you fed up and want to buy a new one? You don't have to, but if you really need a new one, here's our top recommendation:



For those who don't want to buy a new shaver, you can always replace the blades. Replacing the blades is a way less expensive option that you should consider. Now that we cleared that up, let's get to the technical side of bringing your shaver back to life.


Replacing the blades:

It might seem like a difficult task but it's actually very easy. Follow these steps:


  1. Top open the head, press the button right under the unit
  2. When the head flips open, pull upwards to detach
  3. Turn the locking mechanism counter clockwise to remove blades
  4. Push blades out of holder
  5. Replace with new ones
  6. Turn the locking mechanism clockwise to fasten blades in place.
  7. Push the head back into the shaver


It is also highly recommended to thoroughly clean the shaver while it's open and make sure the blades don't have any little particles in them. Installing them into a dirty head will cause discomfort and rashes. If the blades are not installed correctly, you will feel nicks and pain during your shave. It is important to restart the install and cleaning process if that occurs. 


How to choose the right blades:

This can also seem a bit confusing, seeing that there are so many different replacement blades that are manufactured. So the best way to go about it is by checking your owner's manual. It tells you exactly which model blades to purchase. If you don't have the manual anymore, you'll need to perform a good ol' google search. For purposes of this article, we're looking for replacement blades for the 1180x SensoTouch model. I'll save you a lot of time, you can find these blades HERE.


How long do these blades last:

The answer to this question is pretty straight forward, 1 year. However, that all depends on usability and how often you shave. I've seen blades last well over a year and I've also seen blades that didn't last over a month. Could it be due to manufacture defect? Yes, so choosing who you buy from is essential. You can buy straight from Philips or you can buy from other manufacturers such as us. To sum it up, blades can last from a month all the way up to a year. If after a year your blades are still going strong, it is still recommended to change them for the long term health of your shaver.

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